Defining Moments

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It amazes me to think that a simple chance meeting of a single person can change your life.  This is exactly what happened to me back in 2005 when I walked into a West Marine store in St. Petersburg, FL.

I was looking to replace the anchor on a 24′ Aquasport that I owned at the time.  While browsing, an employee greeted me and we started to converse about the often controversial subject of anchors and ground tackle.

It didn’t take long before the conversation shifted to his sailboat, a 35′ Baba SV Lonestar.  He explained how he had taken it throughout the chain of Caribbean Islands almost singlehandedly just a few years earlier.  As a retired pediatrician he was now filling some time by working one day a week at the store.  He went on to explain that his wife, although she loved being on the boat was very susceptible to seasickness.  As a result he didn’t get out much anymore. He then expressed some interest in doing a trip down to the Dry Tortugas and Key West and asked if I wanted to crew.  I said,”YES”!

Pannill Jones and I have remained friends and throughout the years sailed thousands of miles together since that first trip.  Its also because of having the opportunity to sail his boat that I purchased a Baba as well.



Pannill on my my boat 2014

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