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Its never an easy decision to cut a hole into your boat.

I have been looking at various ways to collect rain water for some time now. I have tried using the canvas awning that hangs over the bow (Its primary purpose is to provide shade). Each time it would rain I would run up on to the foredeck to adjust the canvas so as to create a belly for the rain water to collect in. It would then run into a fitting in the canvas to which a hose was connected. From there it was supposed to flow directly into the deck fitting and fill my water tanks.

It sounds simple but it rarely worked that way. By the time I got the awning adjusted properly and got the hose attached and into the deck fitting valuable water had been lost. Besides that, canvas sucks up a good bit of water before it starts to deliver it towards the hose and the idea of spraying a chemical on it to make it more water repellant doesn’t sound all that appealing when its your drinking water. Then there is the fact that the canvas awnings are not always up, so we wouldn’t be able to capitalize on a good rain anyhow.

This is where the hole comes in. I started looking at an alternative solution to collecting this precious gift from the sky. I noticed that the deck fitting for my water tank is located midship just aft of a step to the foredeck. Water collects here before flowing out of the scupper. If I were to cut a hole in the face of the step I could T into the preexisting water intake hose. I would let the rain rinse the decks for a short time prior to opening the newly installed fitting and simply plug up the scupper. Viola!

Shhhhh . . . Don’t let the Government know that I’m collecting rainwater.


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